the concept

Cappuccineria is a new revolutionary and modern concept dedicated to the world of coffee lovers. This format is based on a high price-quality ratio in a take away solution. The products that we offer both for beverages and food meet the highest quality standards and are sold to the final clients at a very competitive price, still leaving a very high profit margin for the owner of the business.
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the concept

The Format

the Format

The format was developed in order to be adjustable to any locations in terms of size, indeed 20 to 30 m2 is all you need to open a Cappuccineria. This business is intended to be run by 1 or 2 persons, thus reducing considerably the costs for personnel. It’s an ideal solution for a family, a young couple or a pair of friends that want to start a business together. The furniture was designed in Italy and produced by our specialized partners that provide high quality products at an extremely competitive price. The appliances and coffee machine are also very reliable and Italian-made products that we provide at a more than reasonable cost. Cappuccineria is a highly recognisable format thanks to its logo and furnishing, the perfect marriage of Italian coffee quality and tradition and the world-wide spread concept of the American-style coffee-house.


the design

the design

Out of all the design elements of the Cappuccineria the cash desk, made to look like a take-away mug, immediately draws the attention. Even if the concept is take-away oriented, there is also the possibility to add tables or sofas thus allowing the customers to enjoy the products inside the shop or in an external dehor. Cappuccineria is a project of Caffè Bonini, we are known for producing precious, carefully selected coffee blends with the best coffee beans from world’s best coffee producing countries. Because of our wide range of coffee blends and beverages such as cappuccinos, hot chocolates and teas our coffee-houses are ideal meeting places at any hour of the day. Our know-how developed in many years of international experience and with an open mind towards innovation allows us to provide you with all the necessary tools to start a successful business with our Cappuccineria’s project. Opening a franchise Cappuccineria means starting a successful business in a short time with a small investment. Another great opportunity offered by this format is the possibility to dedicate a corner of the shop or an entire wall to the sale of tea and coffee capsules and pods. Depending on the country where the Cappuccineria is located it will be possible to sell either Caffè Tre Venezie, Caffè Bonini or Cappuccineria branded products.

Adjustable to any location

Joint us

Who are we looking for

We are looking for partners that believe in our project and wishes to expand it in their Country. Someone capable of opening a few Cappuccinerias and later, with our support, of managing the future openings of new franchising clients.

What we do offer

We offer our know-how through long years’ experience in the cafeteria sector. All the recipes, equipment and products that we offer are the result of years of hard work during which we have selected and created the best products on the market. We offer assistance and support in the choice of the location, we organize training classes in Caffè Bonini’s headquarter in Italy before the opening and afterward support. Our master franchisers, besides the incomes of their own Cappuccinerias, will receive an entrance fee from every future franchisee in their area and part of the royalties. Being a format that allows to start a business with a very small investment it will be very easy to find other people willing to open one or more Cappuccinerias.

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